After a very, very long “here’s what happened last night on The Voice” montage sequence, Christina Aguilera took the stage with her team for a medley tribute of Janet/Michael Jackson songs. Although we can’t dispute the awesomeness of the Jackson family, it once again felt like an odd choice for a group number, and not very relevant. Are the coaches all getting too old to relate to current, modern pop hits? (Sorry, coaches, but you're no spring chickens.)

Carson then put Adam Levine in the hot seat, mentioning his upcoming cover for People magazine as the Sexiest Man Alive. He feigned a bit of embarrassment and modesty, but c’mon Adam, we know you know you’re hot, seeing as you allow your fiancee to post Instagram photos of you running around in your undies. You’re not fooling anyone.

Then it was ‘The Voice’ confessional time. The theme this time was “most embarrassing moment,” and considering the topic, we were sorely disappointed with the majority of the confessions (Tessanne ate someone else’s food by accident at a fast food restaurant -- really? That’s your most embarrassing moment ever, Tessanne? Not buying it.) Cher talked about wiping out on stage, but then admitted she had many more embarrassing stories than that “but they’re not for television.” Whenever you’re ready Cher, we’d definitely love to hear those stories.

Time for the safety dance! The first two saves of the night were James Wolpert from Team Adam and Matthew Schuler from Team Christina. No surprise with Matt’s results, but we weren’t so sure about James after his less than stellar performance from last night. But James has clearly worked his way into his fans’ hearts, and thus will live to see at least one more week. Sorry, Apple, but you’re not getting your favorite star employee back just yet.

James, Will, and Kat then sang Fall Out Boy’s ‘Sugar, We’re Goin Down,' representing the rocker contingent of ‘The Voice.’ The trio did a decent job portraying the rockstars they are all aiming to be, but ultimately it felt a bit rushed and messy. These performances always remind us that we’re thankful ‘The Voice’ isn’t a musical group talent competition.

Then it was back to Carson, announcing the next contestants safe from elimination: Ray Boudreaux from Team Blake and Will Champlin from Team Adam. With only Tessanne Chin’s fate still up in the air, Team Adam was in a pretty sweet spot at the halfway point.

Blake took center stage alongside his team, for a performance of ‘Sharp Dressed Man’ by ZZ Top. The voices on this team actually blend extremely well together, and it’s easy to imagine them singing together in a crowded bar in Nashville. This was definitely one of the more cohesive group numbers we have seen this season. And, of course, watching Blake Shelton rock out is kind of awesome too. We also couldn’t help but notice how alarmingly tall Blake is when he is not sitting in his coach’s chair. The man is tall. Whoa.

America then saved Tessanne Chin, making it a home run this evening for Team Adam. Between his entire team being saved and becoming the world’s sexiest man, we’d say Adam is having a pretty great week. Tessanne was followed by Jacquie Lee, which made coach Christina very happy indeed.

Caroline and Tessanne joined forces, singing the hit song 'Royals' by Lorde (an actual current song! They did it!). This performance definitely proved the adage that less is more. With only two voices in the mix, there was no need to fight for the spotlight, with both of these lovely ladies shining equally as bright. Caroline was a touch more spunky than her usual demure self, and we liked it. A lot.

Carson announced the final artist saved by America's votes, Team Blake's Cole Vosbury. Sigh of relief over here, most definitely. But unfortunately, this left Caroline, Kat, and Austin in the bottom three. (Hey, America... Caroline? Seriously?! That girl had no business being in the bottom three. We love you, Caroline!) Blake said that he took responsibility for Austin not getting the votes this week, and promised if Austin stuck around, that they would work together to fix it. Aw! Does anyone else think Blake would be the best dad ever?

After the commercial break, with only two minutes left of airtime, Adam predicted Twitter users would use their instant save for Caroline Pennell. Christina told the bottom three that “they were all winners” which we highly doubt offered any consolation to those who didn’t win. Nice try though, Xtina. The results were revealed and, as Adam had guessed, Caroline was saved by her fans. Another sigh of relief. This meant so long to Austin and Kat, who both fought the good fight and will be missed.

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