I have noticed this more and more over the last month, but as I was making my way into town last night.  I encountered this 4 times.

Taillight car
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What is this thing I encountered?  Apparently half the population in Amarillo does not know how to use a blinker or turn signal or whatever you chose to call it.  Last night driving down Bell from I-27, I was behind 4 different cars who decided that a blinker was not necessary before turning right or switching lanes.

Please, believe me when I say a blinker is important.  People in front of you or behind you cannot read your mind and unless you signal you run the risk of causing a wreck.

I guess I have noticed this blinker situation more and more because it has become difficult to get out of our parking lot.  Since the new Nick's Fight Club opened up across the street, we have had to become mind readers because, half the people coming out of their parking lot or out of the Bank of America drive-up have forgotten how to use their blinker.

I have nearly been hit at least 5 times in the last month.  I usually pull out of our parking lot and turn left.  I have to cross traffic and half the time the people across the street don't have a blinker on to let us other motorists know, "Hey, I'm gonna turn left or I'm gonna turn right."

On multiple occasions I have had to guess which way they want to go.  I try to pay attention to the signs of what direction they might go, but again I'm not a mind reader.  They know which direction I want to go because I have my blinker on, but I don't know what direction they want to go.  So I take a chance and go when it's clear and what do you know, so do they and they turn the same direction.  I have to slam on my breaks and I get honked at.  I HAD MY BLINKER ON!   My blinker told you I was turning left, your lack of blinker didn't let me know which direction you were going.

So I guess what I'm trying to say is using a blinker can save your life.  So please, please, please, start using your blinker.  Please help us stop this epidemic.  I think this Indiana State Police Officer said it best in this video:


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