I can almost set my watch, to when the craving for BBQ hits me. It's always towards the weekend, and I can almost smell the smoke. The sauce. It truly is a clarion call to me.

I can start an argument, in five minutes,  by asking where someone's favorite BBQ in Amarillo is. There some staples of any great BBQ shack,  so, when you go for BBQ, what is your favorite?

For years, I avoided brisket, because it was just too fatty. Either I've changed or the cuts of brisket have gotten better, because I will zero in on it now. I prefer mine sliced but most of my friends and family, like it chopped. Finding good BBQ brisket, is like finding a soul mate. Hold on to it and never let it go.

Sausage comes in as many flavors as ice cream. Regular, Polish, Jalapeno, round, or square. I put hotlinks in the sausage category and I like mine with a bite of spice!

The true test of any BBQ joint, is of course, the delicious ribs. Beef or pork, ribs make or break a place for me. I like them large and without sauce, as I'll put that on myself. A BBQ joint without ribs, is like McDonalds without fries. I don't care how messy they are or how I look when eating them. I like my sauce a bit tart, which puts me in the vinegar base instead of sweet. When I was younger, I would slather ribs in sauce but I prefer the taste of the meat to do the driving. I dip my ribs in sauce now.

What kinds of BBQ are your favorites? Let us know in the comment section below.  Have a great weekend, and maybe the smell of BBQ, be forever in your favor. Or flavor.

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