Always drink responsibly. You must be 21+ to purchase alcohol. It must also be after church on a Sunday (12pm) before you can buy alcohol in Texas, just in case you wanted to try at 11:45am at a certain grocery store only to be turned away.

Steel Reserve has released a new series of cans aiming at helping you get through the holidays. Think it of it as your moral support when dealing with in-laws, long lost cousins, and relentless questions from your grandmother that can't hear you answer anyway.

They've really covered most of the awkward situations we face at a holiday dinner. Here's some of my favorites.

On the Spiked Strawberry can it says, "When your aunt gets too flirty with your boyfriend." I never had a boyfriend growing up (mostly because I'm a dude who likes chicks) but I can imagine this was a pain. I have had a cousin get a little "too friendly." I didn't marry that one.

The BLK Berry can says, "When your uncle wants to talk about politics." I have to admit I've done this. It's me. I'm uncle. I'm sorry, Nate. I know you're only six months old and don't grasp the fine nuances of trade practices with hostile nations.

Spiked Blue Razz's can says, "When you slide into your friend's sister's DMs." I'm not even close to sorry. I'd do it again. Come at me bro.

There are several more cans they have that will fit just about every situation you find yourself in. It's nice to know someone...or something, has your back this year at the holiday dinner.

You can find out more by checking out their website HERE.


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