Man I've needed a beer pretty bad before.  You know, had a rough day at work, pay check is short, got yelled at by a listener, co-workers or boss did me wrong, lot's of times I've had the need to just go have a beer.  However, this has got me beat!  Some thieves here in Amarillo actually needed a beer so bad, they busted through a brick wall!  That wasn't exactly an easy task!  However, Dona Juanita Restaurant at 2208 E Amarillo Blvd knows that it's possible.  About a week ago, thieves beat down the brick wall on the restaurant and took the till out of the cash register and stole all the beer out of the building.  Leaving the owners wondering how they were going to pay bills (hey I know that feeling) and leaving the patrons thirsty!  If you have any information about the crime contact Amarillo Crime Stoppers.

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