Day three of this mess, and there's a lot still closed or cancelled. I'm hearing that if we can just hold on until this weekend, things will be better.

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There are a lot of services still closed. The City of Amarillo put out an update on social media detailing what services will remain closed.

The big one, at least for me, is the walk-in vaccination clinic at the Civic Center Complex. It remains closed for today. That also includes the drive-thru testing center.

City Hall is closed. The libraries are all closed.

The Charles E. Warford Activity Center remains closed. The Simms Municipal Building is still closed.

Amarillo Animal Management & Welfare is closed to the public. If you have an appointment, you'll need to reschedule.

You can see the list at this link.

If you're in need of a bit of good news today, the city has gone from Covid-19 "Level Red" to "Level Orange."

To sum it up, the switch from "Level Red" to "Level Orange" doesn't do much other than point out that the severity of the outbreak of Covid-19 in Amarillo is easing up a little bit.

A lot of people roll their eyes at the daily report card, but for those that pay attention it's encouraging. Our numbers have been going down steadily. The strain on our local hospitals is easing up.

The city did point out in the announcement that this change on the "color scale" doesn't remove any mandates. That's handled by the state.

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