Last year, it was one of the biggest events to take place in Amarillo, and with good reason.

Be honest with yourself, you've had dreams about outrunning the police or trying to beat them in a race. Whether you wanted to or not, we've all been there. The thrill, the excitement is something that stimulates your brain.

Well you're going to get that chance again, as Race-A-Cop is back in Amarillo for the second year in a row. Last year, nearly 1,500 people came out to watch 177 drivers take their shot at racing a cop and beating them.

So why does Amarillo Police Department do something like this? According to Carla Burr, public information officer for APD, street racing is a big problem in Amarillo. We've seen and heard about people racing down the streets of downtown Amarillo, and a lot of the time, there is an unfavorable outcome in them.

Burr stated, “These are life-altering decisions that you’re making because you want to have a little fun and speed when there are other options out there,” so they decided to test the theory last year to be able to race an officer in a controlled environment, and it worked.

The event will be held once again at the Amarillo Dragway and there will be two dates to take a shot at beating a cop this year. The first one will happen on June 17, with the second one taking place September 23rd.

If you'd like more info on how to be a part of the event, or just come and watch, you can keep tabs of all the updates at their Facebook page.

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