Political ads are boring. They follow a pretty standard formula. Hug a baby. Pet a puppy. Make sure to mention how scary and moronic your opponent is.

Leave it to a fresh face in local Amarillo politics to shake up the standard with an announcement for candidacy that would make David Lynch proud. This is, excuse me, a damn fine announcement for candidacy.


Hayden Pedigo announced his candidacy with a video shared to Facebook that has over 800 shares, 200 comments, and almost 1000 reactions. It has received over 60,000 views.

Pedigo is running for City Council Place 2 in Amarillo. According to the video, Pedigo believes that "...a lot of local small business owners out here are straight up getting bonked."

Pedigo wants to focus on road conditions, property taxes, and city council procedures should he be elected.

If elected, I fully expect him to bring his tape measure to every meeting held by the Council.

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