This little word can make you eat way more than you should.

See some would look at the word and think that a "snack" is one cookie or brownie. Others would say a snack is a cookie, bag of chips and a large soda. Is that a snack or small meal?

Some people define a "snack" by where they eat it. A study was done with two groups of women. They both were giving the same amount of pasta. One group sat at a table to eat their pasta. The other group was given their pasta in small bowls and told to eat standing up. The group that sat at the table said they thought their pasta was a meal. Because they were sitting at a table. The other group thought they were eating a snack because they were standing up?

In the same study, the researchers added sweets to the pasta. The group that was standing with their "snack" had more of the sweets.

So if you are having a "snack", you are more likely to consume more food. Try to keep to eating meals. You won't gain so much weight.

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