Tim "The Toolman" Allen, also known as "TV's Greatest Dad", was in Amarillo this past weekend for his stand-up show at the Amarillo Civic Center. And while he was here, the actor best known for his hugely popular show Home Improvement decided to make a pit stop at one of Amarillo's hidden restaurant gems: Dyer's BBQ.

And apparently, The Toolman is very much a fan.

Courtesy of Nick Dyer
Courtesy of Nick Dyer

According to Nick Dyer, who runs the restaurant, The Toolman ordered the classic brisket plate with apple cobbler. By all accounts, the actor was a polite patron and even took the time to pose for a photo with his server.

Any and every barbecue aficionado in Amarillo knows that having a nod from Tim Allen is enough to send any pit master over the moon. Having The Toolman himself give your brisket some lovin' on Twitter is a serious advantage for Dyer's BBQ.

And considering the fact that there are several other players in the BBQ game in town, I would say that this is quite the win. Because let me tell you something.....I don't know about you, but I'm going to go see what the Toolman is raving about. All this has made me mighty hungry.

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