Amarillo is an "interesting" place to be. Just when you think you've finally got your bearings and have things figured out, something happens to prove you wrong. Something will happen to make you start asking questions again. Amarillo is an enigma wrapped in a taquito wrapped in a paradox wrapped in a

The Ghost Busters Hearse

Yesterday, when driving around Amarillo looking for linemen to appreciate for National Lineman Appreciation Day, my editor and I came across a hearse decked out in tribute to the Ghostbusters. We began a pursuit that took us all over town. We lost it at one point, and finally came across it at a red light to snap a pic.

Credit: Charlie TSM

The hood is covered in "slime," and the Ghostbusters' logo adorns the hearse on all sides. Slimer can even be seen hanging out in the rear window.

Credit: Charlie TSM

I’ve heard rumors of the Mystery Machine, Mutt Cuts Van, Jurassic Park Jeep, and General Lee floating around town, but have yet to see them.

What strange, unique, and odd things have you seen around town? Pics or it didn’t happen.