Okay, hear me out. The perfect weekend escape that doesn't break the bank: a tiny house.

I know, I know. But hold on.

I was looking around the internet, as many radio jocks do in their spare time. More specifically, I was looking for a nice little place that would be a good weekend getaway for me and the wife (that would be easy on my wallet).

Out of curiosity, I switched from Airbnb to Glampinghub. Browsing the listings, I thought to myself mischievously the different ways my wife would murder me if I surprised her with a tent in the woods for the weekend. She's a big fan of running water and the accoutrements of the city, after all.

Then, something caught my eye. And I'm still not sure how I feel about it.

Tiny Houses. Located in Plainview close to the Caprock canyons. Three whole tiny houses to choose from when booking a romantic escape from our kids.....This could go either way.

Book a Tiny House in Plainview

Tiny House #1 - This one has two bedrooms and is big enough to fit 5 guests. There's a full kitchen with a gas stove (oooooh my wife would love that)

Tiny House #2 - This one is a 1 bedroom and only fits 2 guests. But it looks so cozy! According to the description:

Outside, guests have access to picnic tables, outdoor seating, and fire pits. Firewood is available at the office and guests also have private parking for two vehicles and a gas grill available if requested. Other additions include fresh farm eggs for sale and laundry services.


Tiny House #3 - This one seems like the biggest one. It's a two bedroom with three queen size beds that fits six guests. Interesting.

I bookmarked the places, but I haven't decided if this is what I'll book for our getaway weekend. The entire concept of a tiny house blows my mind, but maybe I'll come around to it.

Tiny House Rentals in Plainview

These Tiny Houses are cute!

They're located in Plainview, Texas near the Caprock Canyons and they could make for a wonderful getaway weekend. You can book them here.

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