Recently we talked about the top five ways to work out in Texas. Out of those different types of workouts, not one of them was a traditional weightlifting type of workout. One of the reasons for that is because that becomes extremely monotonous and doesn't have a whole lot of fun in it.

Another reason people don't like to work out in a traditional sense is because they feel other eyes on them or feel they're being compared to others in the gym. I'll be honest, that's something that bothered me when I actually took the time to work out.

Nobody likes to be judged, they are just trying to get healthy and stay in shape. Well, while I was scrolling around on Reddit, I noticed someone posted asking if there were trainers with private gyms to where they could be coached in a more intimate setting.

To my surprise, people immediately came to the rescue with several places for the user to check out. I figured this would be a great thing to pass along to you in case you were in the same boat when it came to working out.


Located at 3527 SW 28th Ave, one user stated that their mother-in-law sees one of the trainers there and loves it. It's definitely not a big box type of gym and you'll definitely get more of that 1-on-1 training you want without the peering eyes of others watching you.


Another small gym found at 3333 Coulter St S, Custom Fitness offers small classes along with individualized training that won't draw laughs if you're struggling, or envy if you're crushing it. It's a place where you can feel comfortable in what you're working on.


This little nugget is owned by Tiffany Peak who has done some body-building competitions in the past, so you know she knows what she's talking about. They'll help you with weight training and other individual exercises without anyone in the gym being focused on you. Check them out at 4176 Business Park Drive.

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