Anybody who has met Tommy the Hacker knows that he genuinely cares about the people of the community.  He is always trying to make a difference in the lives of others and looking for allies to help him do that. 

A few years back, Tommy reached out to Amarillo Independent School District to help show kids the dangers of using drugs, especially K2.  Kids are very influenced by their peers and without knowing the dangers of these substances, they will be more willing to try them.

Tommy and AISD began working together to not only teach the kids the dangers of these drugs, but to help show them that they have bright futures.  These kinds of partnerships can bring substance abuse prevention into the forefront of children's minds.   They can also lead to school and local policy changes.  The ultimate goal is to stop substance abuse among kids in our area.

A couple years back, a group called Promote Prevent heard about all the wonderful things Tommy and AISD have done and made the trip to Amarillo to shoot a short documentary.  The video is being used to help show the positive benefits of these types of community collaborations.  You can check out the awesome video below!

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