This show catches a bad wrap.  So what that these parents force they're children to work these pageants because of a failed dream in they're own miserable lives.  And so what if a 3 year old will be on tonight's episode dressed like a prostitute.  What what!?!  No that's not a mis-type apparently this is going to happen!

Now don't get me wrong, your going to exploit your children and it's none of my business.  But seriously?  Your going to dress up your child like a prostitute, a 3 year old girl?  Surely this can be explained in a tasteful manner.  From WWTDD:

As it happens, it’s not just any prostitute. Technically, it’s Julia Roberts’ streetwalker-with-a-heart-of-gold character from Pretty Woman—though not, unfortunately, after her character is redeemed by Richard Gere and takes to wearing full-coverage dresses and fancy jewels.

Yeah but he still paid her because she was a hooker so how is it justified?  Okay before my brain just explodes let me finish.  Am I the only person alive that thinks it's sick to do this to kids?  Playing dress up is fun, but parading your children around, half naked, trying to turn a dime off them?  2012 is OTW maybe the world really is about to end.

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