Does your kid spend a lot of time on the IPad? It might give them ADHD.


Some researchers tracked about 2,600 tenth graders for two years. They were only watching kids who did not have ADHD when the study began.


After two years, 5% of them showed symptoms of it. Some groups were more likely to have symptoms than others.


The kids who texted a lot were 21% more likely to show signs of ADHD.  Kids who watched a ton of streaming video were 45% more likely.  Kids who used social media the most were 53% more likely to have ADHD symptoms.


But if you are parent reading this, do not panic. The study didn’t prove that kid’s attention will shrink for sure. This study was done with a pretty small group. Even though almost all of the kids they looked at spent a lot of time looking at screens, 95% of them did not end up with ADHD. 


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