It doesn't matter how much you try to escape it, the summer heat in the Texas panhandle can get bad. On a particularly hot day, it is not uncommon to find me in the drive thru of a local convenience store, fast food joint, or tea and water shop grabbing the biggest cup they offer to cool off. In fact, you will probably catch me there several times that day. Coming from the east coast, the largest cup size we could usually find was a 32oz. I loved that when I moved here to Texas 3 years ago, the large here is a 44oz. Now, this summer, Toot'n Totum is taking it up a notch here in Amarillo.

TnT has rolled out a monster 60oz to go cup. That's right, almost a half gallon sized offering of your favorite drinks. And just like the other cups, they are offered for both fountain drinks and their fresh brewed ice tea blends. Right now, you can grab that size for only $2.00. They will allow you to use the mega cups for frozen beverages, which will run you $3.00.

Let's be honest, that is a lot to drink! Just be prepared, drinking that much means you are going to need to find a bathroom, and quick, when nature calls.

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