You know you have done it. You are busy doing something at your house and then it happens. That movie you love is playing on your TV. You stop everything you are doing to watch. These are the movies we watch over and over again.

  • Credit: Warner Bros. Studios
    Credit: Warner Bros. Studios


    This is the movie with one of the best lines. "How am I funny? I mean funny like I'm a Clown?"

  • Credit: Universal Pictures
    Credit: Universal Pictures

    Breakfast Club or any John Hughes movies

    If it's John Hughes movie with the "Brat Pack" you know you will watch it.

  • Credit: Lucasfilm
    Credit: Lucasfilm

    The Star Wars Films

    Lucasfilm and Disney have so many Star War movies to watch, that it would take you an entire weekend to do it. Die hard fans will always sit and watch a Star Wars movie. Maybe, not the one with Jar Jar.

  • Credit: Warner Bros. Pictures
    Credit: Warner Bros. Pictures

    The Harry Potter Movies

    ABC Family seems to run a Harry Potter marathon every other month. True Potter fans will watch whatever one is showing at that moment.

  • Credit: Universal Pictures
    Credit: Universal Pictures

    Jurassic Park

    There have been many sequels but none of them makes us feel the way we did when we first saw Jurassic Park. The sights and sounds of seeing our favorite dinosaurs coming to life mixed in with the amazing music. Pure movie magic.

  • Credit: Paramount Pictures
    Credit: Paramount Pictures

    Top Gun

    If I say name the first 80's movie that pops in your head. There is a good chance you will say, Top Gun. This was the movie that really launched Tom Cruise. It will be interesting to see if the upcoming sequel can match its success.

  • Credit: MGM/UA Entertainment Co.
    Credit: MGM/UA Entertainment Co.

    A Movie Based Around A Holiday or Season

    This is almost a list in itself. People watch certain movies depending on what time of the year it is. Around Halloween people watch the Halloween Movies, Nightmare on Elm Street, Friday the 13th or Saw. Of course during Christmas time you got The Grinch Who Stole Christmas and the cult classic "A Christmas Story" that movie is loved so much that TBS runs it 24 hours on Christmas day.

  • Credit: Paramount Pictures
    Credit: Paramount Pictures


    If you were thinking of your favorite 90's movie, this would definitely not come up. AS IF!! Like Top Gun when you think of the 90's, you think Clueless!

  • Credit: Gramercy Pictures
    Credit: Gramercy Pictures

    The Big Lebowski

    This is just one of the Coen Brothers movies that would make this list. This movie is filled with memorable moments and quotable lines.

  • Credit: Miramax Films
    Credit: Miramax Films

    Any Kevin Smith Movie

    Goodness, he has made a bunch. All have amazing moments and quotable lines. If you are going to watch any, start with Clerks, Mall Rats, Chasing Amy, Dogma and then Clerks 2.

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