We cherish our local businesses. They give us things to do, and places to go and relax. Some of those businesses even go above and beyond to ensure we can enjoy ourselves.

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One of those businesses here in the Texas Panhandle (Dumas, to be exact) is the Toppled Turtle Brewing Company. This is a popular destination for many people, especially for parents. Yes, part of the reason parents love it is because it's a place where they can go to enjoy a few drinks when the kids are driving them bananas. I know, I'm a parent.

We had a place called The Railhouse in Austin that we'd frequent because we could eat, drink, and relax thanks to a huge area for the kids to be able to run around and play in. It kept them occupied for hours while we got a chance to unwind.

The Toppled Turtle has something very similar to this. They call it the Kids Korner. It's an area at the brewery where the kids can go in and play games amongst other things and stay occupied while mom & dad get to enjoy a little downtime.

Unfortunately, the Kids Korner is about to change things up.

The Kids Korner is a spot where children can find amusement and fun under the supervision of their parents. It's up to the parents to make sure their kids aren't being unruly and creating chaos. And it seems like the locally-owned brewery is having to remind people of that..

If you look in the above post, you know that it took quite a bit of time for the employees to clean things up. It looks like a tornado hit that room, and that falls squarely on the shoulders of the parents who let their kids run roughshod through it.

That's not to say that there will no longer be a Kids Korner. There will just be a few more ground rules.

Check out the Toppled Turtle Brewery website, their Facebook page, or even better, go visit them at 102 E 7th St, Dumas, TX 79029 -- just be sure to supervise your children!

The Kids Korner is sponsored by Dr. Shane Moore, DDS.

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