Wicked weather throughout the South brought stunning footage to social media.

Powerful storms rocked small communities, especially towns in Mississippi and Alabama. According to reports, over 20 tornadoes were reported and the videos posted to social media told first-hand stories of just how scary it was to be at the center of the severe weather.

From drone footage to residents in Tuscaloosa sharing videos of tornadoes touching down at their homes, the scenes were harrowing, to say the least.

Tyrone Thomas, Jr. literally drove away from a tornado as it followed him along a Mississippi highway.

In addition to the drone footage from above, Alabama was hit the hardest by tornadoes with over 10 reported between cities like Tuscaloosa, Selma, and surrounding areas.

Here's a crazy time-lapse in Alabama.

The wildest story could be from this woman who literally hid in a ditch and held on to a tree until the tornado passed over her.

I don't know about you, but for me, tornado sirens may be one of the eeriest sounds in the world.

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