The Venom are having another amazing season. How did they do when Duke City came to town?

The Amarillo Civic Center once again was filled with excited Venom fans. They were ready to see The Venom go toe to toe with The Duke City Gladiators.

So far the Amarillo Venom are having another amazing season. It seemed like there wasn't a team that could beat them. The Duke City Gladiators had a different idea.

The Venom played a tough game. They never once let off the gas as score got higher and higher. However, The Gladiators keep right in the game firing right back at the Venom.

It was an exciting game to watch with a final score of Venom 33 and The Gladiators 42.

The next home game for the Venom will be on April 28th. The Amarillo Venom will be taking on The Wichita Force. Kickoff is at 6:00 pm. Get your tickets now by clicking here. 

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