The list of national retail brands filing for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection due to the impacts of the coronavirus continues to grow. 'Tuesday Morning' temporarily closed all stores because of the virus, but even after reopening many locations, has been unable to completely recover. With their Chapter 11 filing, they are seeking to close more than 1/3 of their stores.


Here in Amarillo, our 'Tuesday Morning' store is located near the intersection of 34th Avenue and Bell Street next to Big Lots. If you have never been inside the store, they offer a wide selection of products including home decor, crafts, some foods, bath and body products, pet supplies, toys, and more. There is no word if the Amarillo store will be on the list of 230 stores expected to close. 132 stores have already been named for closing this year.

'Tuesday Morning' is just the latest in a slew of national retailers that have announced store closings and bankruptcy due to the coronavirus. Victoria's Secret, Pier 1, J.C. Penny, Neimann Marcus, and J. Crew have all announced store closures including some that will shutter their entire operations. One bright side for 'Tuesday Morning,' is that the stores that have reopened, have seen a 10% growth in sales over last year. They say more store location closures will be announced as they renegotiate building leases.


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