Twilight has grown into a franchise that no one expected it to. Fans camp out and buy their tickets way in advance to see the first showing of the film.  But can a scene in the latest film cause you harm? 

As you are getting ready to head to the theater, fans are anxious and impatient, but non were worried about their health.  According to CBS news, the graphic scene in which Bella gives birth in the new Twilight movie Breaking Dawn: Part 1, is triggering seizures in theaters across the country.

The first seizure was reported in Roseville, California.  A Brandon Gephart was watching the film when he began having convulsions, snorting and having trouble breathing.  He was rushed to the hospital.  Another incident was reported in Jordan, Utah.

Both times the seizures occurred during the birthing scene, which contains flashes of red, black, and white.

Many studies show that people who are predisposed to epilepsy can have seizures triggered by flashing red lights.  The same with strobe lights.

Don't be surprised if you go into a theater to see Breaking Dawn now announcing a warning.  I hope anyone who suffered a seizure is good and healthy.

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