It's hard to believe, but the Internet has some issues with Kellyanne Conway.

President Trump's counselor used flash cards while appearing on Fox News with Sean Hannity on Wednesday (Jul. 12) to reiterate the commander-in-chief did not collude with the Russians during last year's election.

Conway's spot came on the heels of emails coming out that showed Donald Trump Jr. knew he'd get information that could hurt Hillary Clinton.

Twitter already skewered Junior for that, and was at it once again after Conway's interview with the hashtag #KellysCards.

She got the meme treatment, with the Twittersphere having a blast filling in those flash cards with more appropriate words — which makes sense, since Trump had said on the campaign trail that he had the best words, right?

Buckle up and see how Twitter roasted Trump's mouthpiece.

Something tells us that with the way this administration continually finds itself under the white hot spotlight, this moment will give way to the next drama quicker than the time it takes to say "covfefe."

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