Of all the film genres, horror is typically the most likely to have alternate endings — specifically either a bummer ending or a happy-ish one. While test screenings can have an impact on which ending ultimately makes it to theaters, home releases often include both. HostelThe Butterfly Effect and The Descent are just a few of those. (It’s interesting to note that, when given the choice, audiences usually prefer the darker ending of the two.) But in the case of Unfriended: Dark Web, the film is being released with both endings. The kicker? You have no way of knowing which ending you’ll get when you see it in theaters.

When a film arrives at a movie theater, it comes with a list of notes for the projectionist, including any directions they might need. For Unfriended: Dark Web, the sequel to Blumhouse’s 2014 bleak-as-f—k horror flick, theaters have apparently been informed that the film comes with two endings — according to these projectionist notes that were obtained and shared on Twitter:

The first Unfriended was fairly unpleasant, and according to those who have seen the sequel — which premiered at SXSW back in March — Dark Web is even more nasty than its predecessor. Dark Web screened a few times that week, but I didn’t hear anyone talking about an alternate ending, so that might be a recent addition.

There’s a 28-second difference between the two runtimes, so it doesn’t seem like it’s a huge deal, but it’s still interesting — and it’s certainly a clever way to encourage audiences to see the film more than once.

Unfriended: Dark Web hits theaters on July 20.

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