There is no doubt that the United States Postal Service is facing a crisis.  With technology weeding out their services, they have lost billions of dollars over the years.  So in order to help, they are launching their own clothing line.

Yep, you read that right.  The USPS will be launching it's own clothing lineRain Heat & Snow is what it will be called and it is wearable in any weather.  I guess it's sorta like them, no weather will stop them from delivering the mail.

It is also going to be 'smart apparel" that integrates with your electronics.  Not many details have been given on how this will work, but it sounds interesting none the less.

The USPS has signed an agreement with the Wahconah Group in Cleveland, Ohio to help get the line going.  Plans are to have the men's line out by 2014 and the women's line in the future.

I wonder if the clothing will resemble the uniforms of the mail carriers or if it will have a huge logo on it.  One thing I know for sure, if will be sure to attract all the dogs in town!

Would you wear clothing made by the USPS?

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