Recently, we talked about Lovestock. It's an all day festival on June 29 designed to entertain the whole family, with the kid friendly portion of the festival ending at 10pm.

That was until Lovestock made an announcement.

Lovestock's first ever DAY 2!

For the first time ever we will be having a Day 2 of Lovestock as a special thank you for everyone who's supported us over the years!

Sunday, June 30th we will have 2 stages at Zombiez Bar & Grill and T's Bar with 6 Artists each, completely free for everyone with a day 1 wristband!



Lovestock is now June 29, and June 30.

It's encouraging to see something like this in Amarillo. With all of the complaining about the state of things you see online, it's easy to forget we have some really great things going on in Yellow City.

Maybe that's the best part of this announcement. In the midst of people complaining about the way our city is run, complaining about the ballpark, complaining about traffic, here is something local that is expanding and growing. Something designed to bring everyone together without breaking the bank. On top of that, it highlights a lot of local talent.

Local bands and musicians will be performing. Local comedians will be taking to the stage. We even have a local burlesque troupe that will be performing at Lovestock.

I'm hoping my work schedule gives me a little free time so my daughter and I can make it out to the festival.

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