It's Friday and we needed some good news and looks like we got it!  The endangered missing runaway from Amarillo that I posted yesterday, Alicia Lele Velasquez, has been located!

Amarillo Police just sent the update out, and a breath of relief actually came out of my body when I saw it hit my email!

Hi Dallas Chambers,

UPDATE: 3-15-2013 4:00pm; At approximately 2:15 Investigator High received a call from a woman in Kentucky regarding the missing endangered teenager. Through their conversation and subsequent investigation it was determined that Alicia had made it to Kennesaw, Georgia and was staying at a home there. The Kennesaw Police went to an address where they located Alicia along with a male subject in his 20’s. Alicia was taken into “Protective Custody”. The Kennesaw Police Department is conducting an investigation as to whether any other criminal offenses were committed.

From the discussion with the woman in Kentucky it is strongly believed that Alicia was located because of the amount of media and social media attention brought to this case!  That's a direct result of you guys taking it upon yourself to share the story and spread the news!  I just wanted to say congratulations!  Just shows the power of a group, the strength we posses when we do come together, we can accomplish ANYTHING when we work as a team!  Thank you to everyone that shared Alicia's story and helped get her located and home safe!  YOU ROCK!

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