Vanessa Hudgens is one of those girls that older men look at and think, "when she gets older, she is going to be smoking hot!"  However, she is looking rather scary in the present time.  When I first saw this picture of her, I thought it was a wig for the character she is playing in Gimme ShelterHowever, last night she was at a Neutrogena kids charity event with the same short hair!  Something tells me she didn't keep rocking the wig to the charity event, so that means she has cut her hair for this roll.

She can still look hot with the short hair, but not nearly as hot as she normally is.  She really does pull off this look very well!  I can imagine seeing her at a Denny's around 3am just drinking coffee and smoking cigarettes like those gothic kids do.  You know, practicing witchcraft and sacraficing kittens.  She really has that creeper look with the new hair style!

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