If you saw the Ortiz & Mayweather fight you might see where Victor is coming from here.  If you missed it, I will sum it up with 2 words.  SUCKER PUNCH!   And I mean a viscous sucker punch at that!  That's how Floyd picked up a win on the recent fight against Ortiz.

Do you think Mayweather deserves the title?  I was routing for him, but now I gotta agree with Ortiz on the out come of the fight.

From TMZ

Victor came out swinging on TMZ Live today -- lambasting Floyd for for his unsportsmanlike knockout ... claiming, "If he's really as great as he thinks he is, take a step back. We can settle it as professional athletes."

Sounds like a challenge!  Does this mean we get to see a re-match?  I pray that we do!

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