I'm not a huge video game person. I tend to play mostly sports games when I find the time and desire.

But back when I was a kid, I played a TON of video games, and they're all now classics.

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Problem is, you can't find these games on a PS5 or anything like that. You need to have the original console or play them on your computer. It just isn't the same to me.

Lit Arcade is Not Your Typical Amarillo Bar

Enter Lit Arcade Bar. My inner 9 year old meets my inner 21 year old. Beer, mixed drinks and classic video games all in one place. The best of the best when it comes to those old Atari games like Asteroids, Donkey Kong, Galaga, Frogger and so many more.

Let me tell you just how obsessed I was with Frogger when I was a kid. Played it so much I wore the cartridge out. It was a sad day when it wouldn't fire up. Now, I can go in and enjoy a few cold ones while playing endless rounds of this childhood favorite. I'm not as good as I once was, but I'll blame it on the beer.

Arcade + Bar = Lit Arcade

There's over 30 other games for you to enjoy, and they do all sorts of drink specials while you're there. So now you can have some cocktails (which are aptly named after some of the games) ad have more money to play all the games.

Did I mention there's a ton of pinball there too? There's around 15 different machines for you to whack some balls around and feel the frustration of your flipper not doing what you tell it to do. Ok, maybe that's just me but still.

They've even got shuffleboard there, which I used to be good at but I can't seem to judge the speed properly anymore. More salt please!

This Amarillo Bar is a Gen X Dream Come True

Now for you hardcore gamers out there, they love to hold contests and tournaments there. In fact, this coming Thursday (August 12), they're holding a Galaga tournament that is offering up some cash prizes. I mean, seems like a win-win situation right?

So come on out to 701 Polk St and be a kid, while being an adult. You're almost sure to find me there.

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