No one likes a Prius, but no one hates the car as much as this angry moose.

I'm sorry, I gotta say it. I love a random, viral video. Probably more than anything... I love a video that gets thousands of hits for no reason whatsoever. I love these because they generally have absolutely no backstory, and no one even knows why these events are happening, but thank God someone recorded it.

This is one of those cases, and it might be one of my favorite random videos I've seen recently.

The video is pretty straight-up. A moose literally attacked a Prius. For no reason whatsoever, it simply decided that the damn car was going to meet it's maker.

This moose was on a  mission, a mission to cause as much damage to that helpless car as it possibly could.

When it was all said and done, the beast caused over $6,000 in damages.

Check it out!



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