Face it!  Many of us can't go a full day without our smartphones.

I left my smartphone home on accident and I turned around and went home just to retrieve it even though I was minutes away from work.

Well, if you are a smartphone addict and want relief Vitamin Water is offering a $100,000 prize to anyone willing to do so.

According to CBS News, the beverage company want a lucky participant to Scroll Free for a Year and will award $100,000 to a person who can give up their smartphone for a full year and $10,000 if they make it to six months to complete the contest.

The chosen participant will also be provided with a cellphone from 1996 to use for the entire year.

Interested?  Go to social media via Twitter and Instagram and use the hashtag "#NoPhoneForAYear" and "#Contest" before January 8th 2019.

The company will provide a lie dector test at the end of the year to verify the person has not used or touched a smartphone for 365 days.

One lucky contestant will be chosen from the entries and get a shot at the winning the $100,000 prize!

For complete rules click here.


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