With COVID-19 spreading across the panhandle, Texans have taken new precautions to protect themselves from germs and viruses at a noticeable rate. Local retailers have also ramped up added attention to the pandemic that has put just about everyone on a new awareness of our surroundings.

TSM: Danny W
TSM: Danny W

United Supermarkets has implemented a program that has employees disinfecting carriages and baskets on a continuous minute by minute basis to lessen the spread of COVID-19.  I’m pretty sure this is being done across Texas and the country as well. At least I hope so.  I remember when this disease started to spread across the country and eventually here to Amarillo I realized just how lax I was with my own health protection. I always noticed the people who would wipe down their carts at the stores and thought to myself; oh they are paranoid and a germ freak.  Well I was wrong. They are smart. We all need to be smarter. I started wiping down my carts.

My question is:

After COVID-19 has been contained and life is back to normal, should businesses such as United Supermarkets and Market Street continue their sanitation practices? Should the plexiglass barriers stay up? Should businesses disinfect every carriage and basket after every use? Should we continue a sort of social distancing? What do you think?

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