Recently I gone to the DFW to see family and while there I had to go see my sister at work. She works at a Wal-mart and she has been wanting to show me the new toy she is learning to run and teach others.


She has been telling me about this for awhile,(which looks cool) but It take time for me to get on out there. Finally I made it and to tell you what this thing is the future of shopping. How it works goes like this from what I saw and heard.

An associate puts orders together when people order from online. Then they loads them into storage bids that sit around the tower. Then you come when you can to the store of your choosing, bring all your conformation numbers. Go to the Wal-Mart tower, it scans your numbers and the items get pulled from the bins to right in front of you.

This can save time from waiting and also can get you in and out of Wal-Mart fast. There are a few around in big city test markets around the country.  So It will be a little while till we see one of these in Amarillo.

Would you be one to use this niffy thing for shopping? I also got some photos and a short video of how it kinda works. lol ( didn't want to be in this lady's business while she got her items)


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