While some businesses are worried about how the Coronavirus and Covid-19 will affect their operations, many grocery and big box stores are finding themselves on the front lines of supplying the public. It's no surprise that Walmart has become a "first responder" of sorts when it comes to cleaning supplies, paper products, and groceries. In the event a Texas statewide lock down was to be ordered, stores like Walmart will be staying open as they have become critical to supplying the public.

As the public flocks to stores like Walmart, many are finding they need to hire extra help. Walmart has said they are looking to add 150,000 temporary workers to keep up with the amount of traffic they are seeing in their stores. In Texas, Walmart plans to bring on over 15,000 workers to meet the surge. These includes positions in stores, Sam's Clubs, distribution centers like the one in Plainview, and online fulfillment centers. While these aren't meant to be long-term jobs, they could certainly be a help to someone who has just been laid off due to the pandemic. Walmart has said, however, that some positions could become permanent over time.

Anyone who is interested in apply for the plethora of open positions, is encouraged to visit WalmartCareers.com or you can text "jobs" to 240240 to get linked up.

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