We all know that Diddy is a man of many talents, but it looks like he may have another one brewing just in time for the upcoming Winter Olympics. The Bad Boy label head stars in a new commercial for his Ciroc brand, which shows him trying his hand at curling with some other pros.

The 15-second visual features Puff Daddy (or his head just positioned on a professional curler's body using special effects) sliding the signature stone on the ice with careful precision. Other curlers sweep the ice to keep the moving object moving in a steady direction. Eventually, the stone lands perfectly on the target with Ciroc's "Perfectly Smooth" slogan appearing over the screen.

The hip-hop mogul then flashes a smile for the end of the commercial as viewers catch a glimpse of the different bottles of flavors for the vodka line.

Diddy and Ciroc are well-known for going all out for their commercials and promotional videos. The veteran rapper and producer has thrown lavish parties throughout the world to promote the liquor brand, and has even teamed up with other major corporations, such as the NBA, to push its reach onto new customers.

Watch Diddy try his hand at curling for the new Ciroc commercial in the video below.

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