The Tuesday before Valentines Day is now knows as D-Day. (Dumped Day)

A new survey found that 27% of people have dumped someone the week before Valentine's Day. And 5 days before is the most common day. Which is today! So beware if your significant other is acting weird.

The survey also reveals people's ideal way to end a relationship.

Here are a few ways you can expect it to go down.

  • 1

    26% of people do it over text

    In the old days this was the most heartless way to dump someone. Now, that's how most people would prefer to do it.... WHAT!?

  • 2

    24% break the news face-to-face

    It may be awkward... but it could help with closure? Maybe...

  • 3

    22% do it over the phone

    So they don't have to see you cry.

  • 4

    10% use Facebook

    In messages. At least they aren't writing it on your wall right?

  • 5

    7% use Twitter

    If you don't open your DM's you'll be fine!