Big cats, animal activists, polygamy, running for president and governor, lots of guns, drugs, and an alleged cult; put those all together and you get a normal day for Joe Exotic.

Oh yeah, and murder for hire.

That's a small taste of what to expect in the new Netflix original documentary titled Tiger King: Murder, Mayhem, Madness.

While I was living in Oklahoma, Joe Exotic was this weird kind of folk legend. When an Okie says they love Joe Exotic, they mean it in the way that Texans love rattlesnakes.

My first exposure to Joe was thanks to a friend in the Oklahoma music scene showing me some of Joe Exotic's glamour shots.

They were over-the-top, and honestly it was funny thinking about some guy out in the middle-of-nowhere living with a bunch of tigers and his boyfriend, taking topless glamour shots in cowboy hats that looked like they came from Bret Michaels' private collection.

I had to know more. I found his videos on YouTube and became obsessed. If you were to take every oddball in the Sooner State and put them in a sideshow, Joe was my favorite exhibit.

I wasn't a fan, but I couldn't look away either. It was just so insane, absurd, and odd.

It would just get stranger. There was the TV show Joe worked on getting started. Shaq even showed up at Joe's "zoo" at one point. And of course, there were the music videos.

Then the run for president in 2016 happened, followed by a run for governor of Oklahoma.

At first, he just seems like a lovable, laughable, oddball. But, there's also the dark side of Joe's legend. The allegations of animal abuse, worker abuse, almost everything you can imagine all the way up to murder for hire.

The documentary comes out on March 20, streaming on Netflix.

You can bet the farm, I'll be watching.

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