Trick shots -- be it billiards, soccerbowling, bottle caps or Oreos -- are an internet staple. Now it's ping pong's turn.

This collection of mind-boggling shots will make you want to dust off your paddle, head to your parents' basement and waste a few hours away trying to pull them off. Or, you know, at least get the ball onto the other side of the table without hitting your half, first.

These guys are so phenomenal at ping pong that they don't even need to use paddles and they don't limit their shots to just the table, taking their talents out of the cutthroat playing court and into the real world.

You don't want to run into these showoffs in an alley -- well, actually, maybe you do. Even if they're armed with table tennis paddles, what are they going to do to you? On second thought, after watching this, we probably don't want to know.

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