Springtime in East Texas brings with it some very unpredictable weather. Everything from tornadoes, to flooding to lots of lightning and thunder. But with as dangerous as some storms can be, they can be even more beautiful to watch and listen to. However, when those storms turn to the point of extreme severity, we demonstrate a certain personality reacting to these storms.

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Personally, I have two of them. The "looking outside and trying to figure out which cloud it is" and "the guy on the porch not worrying about the storm that is brewing." I remember growing up, my mom was the "take a shower before or after the storm" and "unplug anything we won't be using" personality. I've got a couple of friends that are the "sitting on the couch thinking they're better than the weather man" persona.

I'll admit that I am totally fascinated when our local TV stations begin their coverage of a tornado warning. I live in Tyler, it doesn't matter if the tornado is in deep East Texas or up around I-30, I will sit and watch until it all passes. I remember a couple of years ago when a possible tornado was over the Loop 49 and Broadway area, I live about two miles from there, I was standing at my patio door trying to see if I could see something.

But on a serious note, don't be like that. Take those sirens seriously and follow the excellant advice of our favorite weatherman:

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