Pretty much every fast food joint has an app and an award program. Wendy’s was slow to develop their app and online ordering capability compared to other fast food restaurants.  Wendy’s rolled out their new breakfast menu just as the COVID-19 pandemic forced restaurants to shutter in dining options. Wendy’s stated recently that they chain was committed to the breakfast menu and will continue offering breakfast nationwide.

Tuesday, Wendy’s announced the launch of a new loyalty program called Wendy's Rewards, which will allow members nationwide to cash in points, earned on purchases for free nuggets, a Frosty, a burger, salads and other items.


Wendy's app users will earn 10 points for every $1 spent on food, with opportunities to earn bonus points on certain items occasionally. Mobile orders for pickup using the Wendy's app will automatically have rewards points added to the customer's account.

If placing an order at the counter or in the drive-thru, customers will scan their in-app QR code to secure their Rewards points.

“Wendy’s has some of the most loyal customers around, and we’re thrilled to launch a program that rewards them for their excellent taste in craveable, high-quality food,” said Carl Loredo, Wendy's chief marketing officer, in a news release.

Here's how Wendy's describes the new program:

1. Eat Wendy’s

Pretty great first step, huh? The entire menu is up for grabs, too. Whatever food you order directly through the Wendy’s app, Wendy's website or at a restaurant counts.

What doesn’t count, are gift cards. They’re not food. Even if you eat gift cards for sustenance, you won’t be rewarded for that. We do not condone eating gift cards.

Rewards Points on mobile phone

2. Earn Points

For every $1 you spend, you’ll earn 10 points. Your points are added to your account in one of two ways.

  • First, if you place an order for pickup or delivery with the Wendy’s app or website, you’re good. That’s literally all you have to do. Mobile and website orders add Rewards points automatically. Done and done.
  • The second way is to scan the QR code in your Wendy’s App at the counter, pickup window or kiosk when you place an order. Simple.

Oh, and there may be opportunities to earn bonus points from time to time.

Wendy's reward on phone

3. Get Free Wendy's

Now this is the best part. When you earn enough points, you can trade them for some of your favorite menu items in the Rewards Store.

We keep the options updated, too, because we’re all about keeping things fresh.

Wendy's will continue to offer coupons in its app, which is available for Android and Apple devices.

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