Lately, we've seen a lot of different things floating around the Amarillo sky. Some have been so far away that people assume we have aliens invading, other things have been discernable with the naked eye.

Well, you might start to see some more things floating through the sky, but rest assured, it's not extraterrestrial lifeforms or UFO's.

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The Amarillo Police Department recently acquired another three drones to add to their arsenal, bringing their total number of drones up to 10 for the department.

So what exactly are police doing with all these drones? First off, it makes it a lot harder for you to escape. All those areas you thought you could hide behind and not be seen by police are now easily detected as the drone floats up into the sky.

Now they aren't using them strictly for that reason. The drones are more intended to keep officers safer when they go out on calls. If it's a call that involves a weapon or something that has the potential to be very dangerous, APD will dispatch the drones to the area and take a look around before the officers arrive.

This gives officers more of a heads up as to what's really going on at the call they're headed to.

Lt. Shane Chadwick, commander over the Intelligence and analysis unit and project manager for the Amarillo Regional Crime Center said, “A drone is really just a camera in the air so it can basically feed that camera image and data and stream back to the officers so the officers can see what they’re getting into before they get there,” allowing them the opportunity to assess the situation and figure out a plan of attack before ever arriving.

This is something that could help cutdown on officer injuries and deaths since they'll have more of a game plan going in.

So if you see these floating around in the sky, just know it's probably not a Chinese balloon or someone trying to gather information on us as a country. It's just the police being a bit safer.

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