The end of the year always brings one of my favorite things on the planet. Year-end lists. You know, the top songs of the year, what people bought the most of, etc.

Well, I stumbled upon a list specific to Amarillo, and I gotta tell you it was one of the more interesting lists I've read. Not to mention it definitely gives some insight into the city and what's hot and not.

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According to Google, there were some things Amarillo searched for more than anyone in the country. The phrase, "supplement store near me" was searched more here than ANYWHERE else in the United States in 2022. Think about that, our little city of 200,000 people searched for supplement stores more than say Los Angeles or Dallas. That's wild.

One of the top trending "near me" searches was arcades, and we were only one of four cities where that popped up with that sort of frequency. Corpus Christi, Grand Rapids, Michigan, and Yakima, Washington were the other three.

Here's a fun one. What do you think the most searched animal in Amarillo was? I'll bet you didn't have 'blobfish' on your bingo board. I literally had to look up what a blobfish was once I saw that. There isn't a blobfish anywhere in Amarillo that I'm aware of, and they say most humans will never even come into contact with them. Strange search.

So on to some of the top 10 "near me" searches. What is a near-me search? It's when you're looking for something and you add "near me" at the end of the search. Makes sense right?

We've already covered a couple of those searches. "Water refill station near me" popped up in the top 10, which is unsurprising seeing as how many refill stations there seem to be around Amarillo. I'm pretty convinced there's more of those than ATMs in the city.

One that popped up that was interesting, yet not surprising, was "remote jobs near me". So many establishments in Amarillo have shortened their hours or full-on close for a day due to a lack of staffing. It seems that everyone got a taste of work from home during COVID and decided they didn't want to leave the comfort of their homes any longer.

Italian restaurants and hamburgers seemed to be the top two food searches in Amarillo, which is great for me because I love both of those. Now I'm hungry.

Last but not least, it seems one of Amarillo's favorite things to do is comb the flea markets in town as that popped up as a top 10 "near me" search. I'm not gonna lie, I was one of the people who searched that in 2022.

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