Since the day she was born, Suri Cruise has had everything she needs, wants and more.  She is the only 5 year old that I know of has a shoe collection that includes kid size Louboutins.  Well, her Christmas list is nothing short of spectacular.

I understand that Christmas is the time of the year to ask Santa for some outrageous gifts and hope that he'll give you at least one thing on your list.  This year I bet Santa fell out of his chair when he read Suri Cruise's list.

Not only did the tot ask for a pony, but she wants diamond earrings and a bunch of fairy princess gowns.  Her entire list added up to  about $130,000 worth of gifts.  When I read the list I thought hmmm that's it?

Suri has been known to get whatever she wants.  Just last week a story ran about her throwing a fit inside FAO Schwartz. So what was the result of her screaming and crying?  She got what she wanted and walked out a happy camper.

Sources say that Holmes and Cruise love Christmas and will more than likely go overboard for their little princess.  Uhh I'm sure they will.  If she is 5 years old with Louboutins, I'm sure a pony is not out of the question.  To be honest I'm surprised she doesn't already have one.

So what did your kiddos ask Santa for this year?