The first season of What If...? is in the books. (Marvel has already said they’re working on a second season of episodes.) The show was certainly distinctive amongst this first wave of Marvel Cinematic Universe series on Disney+. It was animated instead of live-action, and featured a massive cast drawn from almost all of Marvel’s 20+ big-screen movies. It was also an anthology instead of a serial — although the season finale did find a way to connect most of what had come before in a satisfying way.

Overall, the season was a bit uneven, something we’ve written about here on ScreenCrush before. There were some high highs and a couple of low lows. Like the Watcher himself, we observed them all. And now, from our perch outside the reality of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, we shall sit and ponder the question... what if we ranked them all from worst to best?

Every ‘What If’ Episode Ranked From Worst to Best

Our picks for the best (and worst) episodes from the first season of Marvel’s What If...?

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The Marvel Actors Who Didn’t Provide Voices For What If...?

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