The hot summer temps have already arrived in the Texas panhandle this year. If you're hoping to get a garden or have plants you want to make it through the hot months, you need to know when to water.

Lucky for you, I did some digging to find the best time to water plants in the killer panhandle weather.

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There Is A Time Of Day That Is Best For Watering Your Plants

When it comes down to when you should water your plants, earlier is better. An easy way to think of it is when you have breakfast, so should your plants.

The best time to water is earlier in the day. Watering too late in the day means that plants may not have enough time to dry before night. Drying before the night is important because changes in temperature and humidity can cause disease in plants.

You get breakfast, and so should your plants. Get a sprinkler to make this easy.

How Often Should You Water Your Plants

They say you learn something new every day, and it's very true. The amount of watering you do depends on the soil you're planting or have planted in.

If you're using darker, heavier soil water less than you would light, sandy soils. Ideally, you'll want somewhere around an inch of rain (yeah, right) or water a week.

When you water, don't be like me. I over water my plants one hundred percent of the time. One inch of water a week really isn't that much when you stop to think about it. Just a little bit in the morning is what you'll need.

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