If you cross the intersection of S. Coulter and Hollywood/335 and keep going, you might notice some signs nailed to the poles along the road as you continue toward McCormick.

While I was taking photos, a very nice lady stopped to see if I was having vehicle troubles. I explained that I was just interested in the signs and asked if she knew anything about them. Her theory is that they are more remnants of Stanley Marsh III and his oddball sense of art.

If that's true, then he must have been a big fan of classic rock. Lyrics from Tom Petty, Stealers Wheel, U2, The Zombies, Charlie Ryan/Commander Cody, and Buffalo Springfield adorn some of the signs.

I'm not sure what the reason for the signs are, and it definitely isn't some form of absurdist art. I don't know that posting Tom Petty song lyrics would count as much as half-buried Cadillacs or some random legs in a vacant lot.

If you have any insight, feel free to reach out to us. Maybe it's just a guy who has an affinity for these phrases and he felt the need to share. Maybe there's a theme and I can't find it yet.

Perhaps the only point of it all is to make you ask, "What's the point?"

Weird Signs On Coulter

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