A little more than four years after forming — and thanks to Camila Cabello's sudden December 19 departure from the groupFifth Harmony as we know them are officially over. So, as 5H's remaining members press on as a foursome, how should they identify themselves?

The name Fifth Harmony didn't come until weeks after the group's official forming on Season 2 of The X Factor in 2012. The ladies, who were assembled as an ensemble by the show's judges after being rejected as solo contestants, originally named themselves LYLAS. Bruno Mars' four sisters, who were collectively known as The Lylas, didn't take too kindly to the case of accidental copycat, though, and trashed 5H for lifting the name, according to TMZ.

The group decided to switch things up and rebrand as 1432 (slang for "I love you too"), but mentor Simon Cowell nixed that, as well ("It was just crappy, the name. And I just couldn’t say it week after week," he told The Hollywood Reporter). Eventually, he gave the voting public the choice to rebrand the girls, and Fifth Harmony were officially born.

Clearly, 5H are no strangers to switching up their identity and going where the wind takes them. So, with a new chapter ahead, what should we call them? We've put together a few ideas in the poll below — tell us if any stick out. Or, if you've got a better idea, be sure to leave it in the comments.

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