Here are some ideas for a plan in case you are ever in this horrible situation.

The shooting incident at The Youtube Headquarters is another example of why you should always be prepare for the unthinkable.

Experts say these tips can help keep you safe if something should ever happen at your job.

Option 1: Evacuate. You know of an escape plan in case of a fire. Well it's a good idea to know where the exit is if you need to get out quick.

Option 2: Hide. You might not have a chance to get to the exit before the shooter comes around to where you are. If that's the case, find a good hiding place. If you can get somewhere that you can lock yourself in that is even better. Stay quiet and call 911. Don't lay flight in case you have to go option 3.

Option 3: Fight back. This is a last resort. If you have to do this be extremely aggressive. Find whatever you can to use as a weapon. As soon as you can make a run for it and escape.


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